Identifying The Ultimate Meeting Location Decision Makers

No matter the means by which a meeting planner learned about international destinations, it is important to understand who has final decision making authority on the meeting location.

Associations were offered five options of “final decision makers” from which to choose; meanwhile, corporate meeting planners were given five different options.  Here are the findings for each:


Corporate Meeting Planners Indicate Final Decision Makers In Location Decisions

Among corporate respondents who answered this question, the CEO is the primary final decision maker on a meeting location, as indicated by 28% of respondents. The most frequent response is “Other”, chosen by 43% of respondents and 12% of those named “clients” as final decision-makers, reflective of the respondents who are third-party planners.

Meeting Location Decision Makers For Corporations


1. CEO

2. Director of Meetings

3. Director of Marketing

4. Survey of Participants

5. Other

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While there are only three responses among association management companies, all respondents indicated the “Board of Directors” as the final decision makers on meeting locations. 


Associations Indicate Final Decision Makers In Location Decisions

Among associations who responded to this question, the Board of Directors is most frequently named the final decision maker on a meeting location, as indicated by 48% of respondents. “Other” is the next most common response, with 39% of respondents indicating this response, meaning that the final decision on meeting locations are not made by a Board of Directors or Executive Director. Among those indicating “other” as their response, 10% indicated that either the conference committee or the association staff have final decision making power on the location of the meeting.

Meeting Location Decision Makers For Associations


1. Board of Directors

2. Executive Director

3. Survey of Participants

4. Membership Vote

5. Other*

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*Within the category, the largest sub-grounds making this decision included conference committee (5); staff (5); varies by client (4); planner (3); and CEO (2).