322 Corporate Executives Share Insights On What Works in Place Marketing

Wonder what is key feature to have on an economic development organization’s website? Corporate executives want information on available incentives and workforce statistics.

Among corporate executives with site selection responsibilities, LinkedIn is the most dominant communications channel in social media. Facebook, blog forums, Twitter and YouTube are used with less frequency.

The Wall Street Journal (both the print publication and WSJ.com) and the Fox News network ranked among the top news sources for the survey audience.

Number one in the 2011 survey (and in the past four surveys), 49 percent of corporate executives ranked the Lone Star State as the best place to do business given its favorable tax and pro-business climates as well as economic development support and incentives.

A View from Corporate America: Winning Strategies in Economic Development Marketing

How do executive decision makers learn about specific business locations? What are the best marketing tactics for economic development organizations to engage in to build a favorable image with this important audience?

For the sixth time since 1996, Development Counsellors International has surveyed corporate executives with site selection responsibilities to determine which marketing techniques help shape their perceptions of a community’s business climate.

The latest 2011 report, “A View from Corporate America: Winning Strategies in Economic Development Marketing” analyzes the changes in the behaviors and perceptions of corporate decision makers in the United States.

Our executive summary  highlights some of the most interesting key findings, but we encourage you to click on the links below to learn more including where executives are getting their news, how they are using online sources, information they consider most useful when looking at an economic development organization’s website and of course the states they perceive to have the best and worst business climates.


Best and Worst States For Business Best Economic Development Groups
Influencing Executive Perceptions First Contact with ED Groups
Best Marketing Techniques Website Design
The Web and Site Selection Social Media and Executive Decisions
Projected Location Decisions Methodology and Audience