The Road to Travel Marketing Success

It’s a global village, and today’s visitors want to explore it all. The travel industry is responding, increasing the “clutter” of marketing and public relations messages bombarding potential visitors on a daily basis. This glut of destination information adds to the pressure for those in travel marketing and public relations to make every dollar – or yen, or peso – count.

Development Counsellors International (DCI) can help. We’ll work with you to differentiate your location and communicate your key assets and messages to travelers in your target markets.

In choosing a marketing firm for your tourism organization, finding an agency with experience that counts and that understands you – and your business – is key. Consider our credentials:

  • DCI is the only firm in the world to specialize exclusively in travel and economic development marketing.
  • Since 1960, we have worked with more than 400 tourism marketing and economic development groups.
  • The DCI team has an exceptional track record in implementing major destination marketing campaigns.
  • DCI is a thought leader within the tourism industry.
  • Our MICE team has demonstrated success bringing meeting and conventions to our client communities.

As a destination marketing and public relations specialty firm, we have developed longstanding relationships with top-tier wholesalers, tour operators, travel agents, meeting planners, incentive houses, leading airlines, North American travel journalists in print, broadcast and online outlets and social media thought leaders.

In short, we “get” destination marketing. The word destination implies that one has arrived at a special place after a journey. We want to help you reach your goals – your destination – through our travel marketing expertise.