Lead Generation

DCI has produced a strong track record of lead generation campaigns in North America for numerous economic development and investment promotion agencies around the world. Utilizing “best in class” research techniques to qualify U.S. and Canadian businesses in expansion mode, we develop customized prospect lists within your target sectors and have a professional team of specialists adept at bringing you face-to-face with corporate decision-makers.

DCI works closely with your team to customize a lead generation campaign based on your community’s priorities, resources, existing activities, and expectations. We are also completely transparent in our process, offering a proprietary software called LeadTracker that allows you to monitor our progress and discussions in real time.

Investment Promotion & Attraction
Drawing on an in-depth understanding of each community’s unique value proposition and up-to-date knowledge of industry trends and opportunities, we uncover potential investment projects suitable for your location based on our experience navigating corporate organizational structures and building rapport with C-level executives.

Marketing Missions
DCI can set up productive meetings for you at trade shows, conferences, and seminars, as well as act as your official representative if desired. We are also experienced in identifying and recruiting top-level executives to high-profile events. In short, we are the only firm that can handle all of your economic development and investment promotion needs under one roof.

Business Retention/Expansion
The best economic development agencies know that it’s not just about attracting new investment, but also about safeguarding and cultivating your existing company base. DCI can help you to better understand the retention risks and expansion opportunities among your existing investors.

Site Selector Marketing
DCI maintains the largest, continually-updated database of top site selection consultants (also known as “multipliers”) in North America, some of whom focus on overseas site decisions as well. We are uniquely positioned with this select group, as we have built strong relationships with these nearly 200 influencers throughout our history. We can connect you with them through one-on-one meetings, executive roundtables, special events, and inward visits or familiarization tours.

Customized Research
As the leader in marketing places, DCI offers programs that begin with a strong research-based foundation. We provide services ranging from perception surveys and development of data for websites and other marketing collateral, to competitor analysis, labor market analysis, and development of prospect lists. Our team manages all phases of the research process from development of the initial strategic concept to implementation, analysis, and presentation.