As executives and travelers increasingly turn to television and radio to get the information they need to make decisions, broadcast news has become a critical medium for marketing your economic development and tourism assets.

With this in mind, DCI takes advantage of New York City’s reputation as the broadcast media capital of the world by bringing our clients to meet face-to-face with the top network and cable outlets.

The resulting on-air and online interviews – on television, radio and the web – almost always translate into instant coverage of your communities’ key messages, with verbatim sound bites from your region’s top spokespeople.

In addition, when the broadcast media needs a “live” interview with a regional economist, or a remote satellite feed with the governor of a rural state, or a tourism destination from which to film its next morning show road trip segment, producers invariably call on DCI. We have the experience and expertise to pitch and package stories that are visually compelling and quickly grab bookers’ and producers’ attention.

Here are some recent examples of the types of broadcast results we’re able to produce:

  • CNBC’s Power Lunch recently featured top business leaders and mayors from four of our client communities to comment on their local economies on two different shows.
  • DCI’s Tourism Division has landed major segments on both Good Morning America and The Today Show for Greater Williamsburg, Virginia.
  • FOX News showcased the impact of green jobs across the country by broadcasting from a solar panel manufacturing facility suggested by DCI in one of our client regions.
  • Within six months of starting a contract with a Dallas suburb, DCI learned of an innovative program aimed at putting people back to work with the city and placed the story as a “Making a Difference” segment on NBC Nightly News.

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