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Executives' Perceptions of Canada's Business Climate

Executives associate Canada with the phrase high-quality workforce. These words, along with cold and hockey, were among the three most commonly used phrases listed when survey respondents were asked to name the words or phrases that come to mind when they think of Canada. 

Executives' Perceptions of Canada's Business Climate

Canada has regularly been evaluated by site selection consultants and corporate executives as a location for projects, but Ontario leads overwhelmingly as the province most considered. 

Executives' Perceptions of Canada's Business Climate

Much of Canada is a blank slate to U.S. executives, with the majority of respondents indicating they had no opinion of the business climates of all but three of the country’s provinces and three largest cities.

Business Climate in Canada has Imporved

Significantly more corporate executives believe Canada’s business climate has improved over the past five years than those who believe it has declined.

Face-to-Face Meetings Preferred by Executives

One-on-one meetings are the most preferred marketing tactic among decision makers, but site selection consultants and corporate executives favor different approaches.

Executives’ Perceptions of Canada’s Business Climate

As Canada looks to effectively market its assets to a key business audience – corporate executives and site selection consultants located in the United States – it is important for the nation’s public leaders and economic developers to understand how corporate America currently views the country, its provinces and major metropolitan areas.

How do C-level executives and site selection consultants perceive Canada as a business location? What can the country’s major metropolitan regions and provinces do to promote their business advantages directly to this influential audience of decision makers? This survey set out to find answers to these questions, uncovering perceptions of the country’s business environment by the C-suite and site selection community in the United States.

We encourage you to click on the links below to learn more including where Canada falls into the overall site selection process, how Canada compares to the United States when it comes to site selection, the most useful marketing tactics, and of course the provinces and cities they perceive to have the best business climates.

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Introduction and Methodology

Words and Phrases Executives Associate with Canada

Canada’s Value Proposition

Canada and Site Selection Consideration

Best Marketing Tactics to Elevate the Profile of Canadian Cities

Canada vs. the United States

Best Canadian Provinces and Cities

Best Canadian Economic Development Organizations

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