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Andy Levine

"Our job is to help clients become heroes in their own communities." Andy-Levine


As the son of Ted Levine, founder of Development Counsellors International, Andy was introduced to the world of economic development and travel marketing at birth. Since joining the firm in 1991, Andy has helped launch the company into a new era, advancing the quality of client work performed, growing the number of staff and adding to the range of client services offered.

Andy’s Passion for Places

The Johnny Cash song, “I’ve Been Everywhere,” could be Andy’s theme song – and he has the frequent flyer miles to prove it.

For Andy, marketing places is dramatically different than promoting consumer products – and much more fun. Exploring entire communities, sorting out the most interesting stories and storytellers, and then communicating these unique offerings to the right audience are what make place marketing the perfect career for Andy. He believes every place with which DCI works – cities, regions, states and countries – has a unique story to tell – and the company’s job is to dig in and find it.

Notable Results

  • On behalf of the South African Tourism Board, Andy arranged for the Sports Illustrated “Swimsuit Issue” to be shot on location in South Africa. Accompanying the well-known photo essay were 16 pages of editorial content profiling South Africa’s diverse tourism offerings.
  • For the Greater New Orleans Region, Andy managed a highly successful editorial placement program with results in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Success, Forbes and CNN. In the program’s first year, 76 placements were achieved with an advertising impact of $5.9 million.
  • He developed and continues to direct DCI’s “Winning Strategies in Economic Development Marketing.” First conducted in 1996, this ongoing survey of corporate executives with site selection responsibilities has emerged as a valuable tool for economic developers seeking to understand the “customer’s perspective” on what works in economic development marketing.

Up Close

When not in an airport, Andy can be found relaxing in his New Jersey home with his best friend and spouse Felicia. Andy’s recreational activities include tennis, puttering around the house and watching the New York Yankees beat the Boston Red Sox. He and his wife have two children: Terry, a recent graduate of Tufts University working in Washington, D.C., and Evan, who’s still in high school and is an avid guitar and bass player.

Where You’ll Find Andy on Saturday Morning at 8:00 a.m.

Running with the ATC (Artie’s Track Club) – a group of determined (but slow) distance runners. Whether it’s the dead of winter (10 degrees below zero) or the dog days of August, you’ll find the group running the same 10-mile course every week.

Places that Andy has Called Home

New York, New York
Rye, New York
Washington, D.C.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Scotch Plains, New Jersey

Surprising Facts about Andy

Do Not Disturb….The Wildlife
While on a walking safari in the Umfolozi Game Reserve in South Africa, Andy, his wife Felicia and then 12-year-old son Terry came across a potentially deadly animal – a surprised 2,000-pound Cape Water Buffalo sleeping in the tall grass. After a tense 30-second stare, the animal ran off and the Levines’ collective hearts started beating.

“No” to a Cup of Joe
Coffee anyone? Not Andy. He is one of the few people in the United States who has never tasted coffee. Not a drop. Now a point of pride (and quirkiness), he relentlessly protects his “coffee virginity.”

Heir Guitars
Between Andy and his son Evan, the Levine household contains four acoustic guitars, three electric guitars, two electric basses and two stand-up, double basses. A piano and didgeridoo (direct from Australia) round out this musical household. Andy and Evan have also attended a weeklong National Guitar Workshop for the past two years.