Rodrick T. Miller

President and CEO
New Orleans Business Alliance
New Orleans, Louisiana

As the chief economist and thought leader on economic recovery, Miller has focused the organization’s efforts on lowering barriers to entry in the marketplace, increasing transparency and developing strategies for urban economic growth. Results in his first 20 months in the role include state legislation allowing for benefit corporations, a policy framework to guide the use of tax incentives in economic development, and the attraction of more than $200 million in new investment and 3,500 new jobs through proactive attraction and expansion of corporate projects in the New Orleans market.

What’s the most overlooked issue facing economic development? The role of companies from emerging economies in inward investment to the U.S. will change how we look at corporate attraction. These investments are growing, the companies more innovative, but the decision-making process is still murky and the information networks to source these deals are not fully developed. Markets that figure how to best source these deals a distinguishing value proposition will win.

What was your favorite movie as a kid? The Last Dragon.

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