Economic Development

Specializing in economic development marketing since 1960, DCI knows how to put cities, states, regions and countries in the international spotlight. Headline-generating public relations, high-impact websites, social media, creative marketing campaigns and outreach to influential location advisors are all part of our toolbox to attract business investment to destinations around the world.

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Travel Marketing

It's a global village, and today's tourists want to explore it all. The travel industry is responding, increasing the "clutter" of marketing and public relations messages bombarding potential visitors on a daily basis. DCI's travel marketing team will work with you to differentiate your location and communicate your key assets and messages to travelers in your target demographic and specialty markets.

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DCI Blog
  • Hello West Michigan Attracts Talent with Smart, Strategic Campaign

    August 25, 2014

    One of the main talent attraction goals in West Michigan is helping out-of-state talent realize that the state of Michigan offers more than just the city of Detroit. That’s the [...]

  • Top Travel Twitter Chats For DMOs

    August 22, 2014

    A successful DMO today needs to have an established presence on social media. The art of developing creative content, high click tweets, Instagram filters and Facebook albums is being mastered [...]